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In an attempt to enable expert public to access relevant information related to work of Republic Commission, it has established mailing list, by means of which those interested will receive regular information on legal practice of Republic Commission, specific decisions it made, principal legal positions, instructions for conducting of some procedural activities and news concerning public procurement system. Thus contracting authorities and bidders will get an opportunity to systematically improve their operations and expert knowledge in the field of public procurement through continuous following of important legal issues.

If you have received this information on your email, it means that you are already on the mailing list. In case you have not received this email message and you wish to access the list of email addresses of Republic Commission, please fill in the field "Register" and "Your e-mail" with the email address you wish to receive the news from Republic Commission to, then enter the code from the image in the field beneath anc click "Send" button. This way you will be automatically registered for the list of email addresses of Republic Commission.